Right, finally managed to get hold of a Dragon Floppy Disk drive (including a matching Dragon DOS cartridge), while it’s a single unit only and not the double unit drive, I’m quite pleased that I managed to source a device. So once having the drive, it’s now time for some maintenance since the build in power supply doesn’t work proper. As always, prior power on a system, I always measure the output from PSU’s units to check if it provides the expected voltage and in this case it didn’t. Only the 5V worked and the 12V output didn’t work at neither internal power cables, so it seems that the 12V voltage regulators are most likely bad. But, it’s an easy replacement and while on it, I’ll just go for re-capping the capacitors on the PSU-board as well.

With the cover removed from the floppy station it’s easy enough to access the PSU-boards which is just to the right of the transformer:

Dragon Floppy Drive PSU-board

Didn’t find any component list at Dragon Archive of the components used on the PSU-board for the Dragon Floppy Drive so here is a list which is for the board with PN 48248 / Issue 2:

REG1 LM340T5 SL63094
REG2 LM340T5 SL63094
REG3 MC7812CT T8325
REG4 MC7812CT T8325
C1 0.1uF 50V
C2 0.1uF 50V
C3 0.1uF 50V
C4 0.1uF 50V
C5 1uF 50V
C6 1uF 50V
C7 1uF 50V
C8 1uF 50V
C9 4700 uF 16V
C10 4700 uF 25V
D1 1N5401
D2 1N5401
D3 1N5401
D4 1N5401
D5 1N5401
D6 1N5401
D7 1N5401
D8 1N5401

Components has been ordered and meanwhile I’m going to check if I can get a more fresh Dragon DOS ROM than was provided with the original cartridge.