The intention with this home page is to write about reflection around both modern and old technology which had an impact on society including my own life and how old technology sometimes tend to resurrect in a new modern package which sometimes makes life easier (not always…) and more interesting. While technology itself has a huge impact on everyday life, it not always for the best and sometimes new technology tend to push things in the wrong direction.

My own journey within the information technology was initialised when my father during the summer of 1983 brought home the Welsh Dragon 32 computer, pair of joysticks, and a small tape recorder as a primary data storing unit. And from that point, I was hooked and spent a fair share my time, at my room in front of my Dragon 32 and small TV-set.

Dragon 64 with CocoVGA graphic card

After the Dragon 32 I moved on to the Commodore 128 and next up was the Amiga 500 and from there I continued with the IBM PC’s using IBM OS/2. And today as many others, I tend to make use of Microsoft Windows on my favorit laptop since 20 years back, the ThinkPad series.