Sharp Pocket Computer

Back in 1985 bought myself my first pocket computer, the Sharp Pocket Computer PC-1430 (aka EL-5400) to be precise, which has 17.4K system ROM and 2K RAM memory with 1254 bytes available. The PC-1430 was a light version of the… Continue Reading →

Amiga 500 Dream Machine Upgrade

Couple of years ago I picked up my old Amiga computers which I was stored away for since the beginning on the nineties since I was living abroad and moved couple of times over the years. So finally got around… Continue Reading →

Dragon Floppy Disk drive

Right, finally managed to get hold of a Dragon Floppy Disk drive (including a matching Dragon DOS cartridge), while it’s a single unit only and not the double unit drive, I’m quite pleased that I managed to source a device…. Continue Reading →

Kittin & the Hacker

Going back to the beginning of the eighties when home computer was still extremely rare and when one still was dreaming about getting one for Christmas or trying to scrape together the money to get some kind of equipment. In… Continue Reading →

Getting Started with the Dragons

So back in May 2019 I managed to get hold of a Dragon 64 from a collector here in Sweden who was selling out his entire collection and quickly after I managed to get a Dragon 32 via eBay as… Continue Reading →

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